Call Recorder API for Android & iOS

Your App + Our Call Recording Expertise = Success!

Here at Killer Mobile ® we’ve been developing mobile call recording solutions for well over a decade, having released one of the first real call recording apps for Nokia Symbian devices in 2005. Since then we’ve developed some of the most sophisticated and powerful call recording technology for Android & iOS Operating Systems.

We know firsthand how complex, and at times frustrating, call recording can be on today’s smartphones. OS updates, Manufacturer Bugs and implementation variations commonly break call recording across the thousands of different handsets. Maintaining call recording functionality is quite literally a full time job, and one that many mobile software developers simply aren’t capable of keeping up with.

We can provide you with a cost effective Call Recording API that you can quickly integrate directly into your own application (Android Studio Project, etc) that offers on-demand call recording functionality. Best of all, we handle all of the maintenance and will provide updates on a regular basis to ensure future compatibility with new device models & firmware updates.

Our technology includes native OS call recording methods combined with exclusive, internal proprietary techniques, root specific methods plus years of device mapping to enable automatic call recording on the majority of smartphones on the market today. There quite literally is not a better, more full featured Call Recording API available on the market today, and with dead simple integration you'll be up and running in minutes.

Cross Platform – Android & iOS (iOS requires Jailbreak)
Easy integration into your Android Studio project as a gradle build dependency
Auto/Manual Send & Share options including FTP/SFTP, Custom API, Email, Cloud (Drive, Box, DropBox, & more), Social (Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat & more)
Voice, VoIP Call (Root Required on Android, Jailbreak required on iOS), Screen & Video Recording API’s also available!
Support for Multiple Audio formats including MP3, WAV, AMR & more
Flexible Call Recording Scenarios including Automatic, Prompt to Record, Prompt to Save, Selective
Optionally Hide/Encrypt Recorded Calls Locally for privacy & security
Recording Widgets & Controls
Automatic Recording Deletion on Device after upload
Flexible & Affordable Licensing Options

Whether you have 50 or 50,000 users, we have a licensing option that will fit your budget.
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Alternatively, you can contact us on Skype. Our username is killermobile.

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