Killer Mobile ® Est. 2003

Killer Mobile ® is a software development house that specializes in cutting edge mobile applications for "Smart Phone" devices.

Killer Mobile ® Software LLC, founded in 2003 by Josh Alner. While building Killer Mobile ®, Josh traveled and lived in various countries in Latin America. Josh believes that work should not tie someone down. Thus, Killer Mobile's fantastically talented team is spread across the globe and able to choose wherever they live -- one of the founding principles of the company.

We specialize in sophisticated mobile applications that constantly push the abilities of what most "normal" developers and software companies believe is possible.

Killer Mobile ® has developed, marketed and sold various, hugely successful mobile phone apps for all major operating systems including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Maemo/Meego & Symbian (Nokia).

We developed the first, fully functional on-device answering machine back (AutoPilot) in 2003.

The first standalone call recorder app for Symbian (Total Recall) in 2004, the first call and message blocking app (BlackBaller) & LCR auto dialer app (DialerX) in 2005. Our apps have been downloaded nearly 100 million times, and we're still working on the cutting edge today with new projects in the works including our BarSim ™ Mobile app that is sure to be a smash hit with users.

Our core company values

Lead, Never Follow
Culture of Camaraderie
Keep on the Cutting Edge
Everyone is Empowered to Drive Things Forward
Work Life MUST be Flexible & Fun
Focus on Results NOT the Clock
Think Like a User
Innovative and Self-Motivated

Killer Mobile ® will continue developing on the cutting edge of technology, releasing interesting features, rich yet simple to use applications & services for years to come.

We have staff based around the globe.

Killer Mobile's first app, AutoPilot envisioned & developed.
BlackBaller, AdvanceSMS & More Hit the Market. DialerX Auto-Call Routing App released and in use by dozens of MVNO's and small operators worldwide.
Millions of Satisfied Killer Mobile ® App Users.
Total Recall for Android released.
Launched a slew of innovative apps such as TxT Tones & AmigoTones
Over 10 Million App Downloads/Installs.
BarSim (tm) Beta Launched & primed to be our most successful app yet.

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