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How can I re-install the Magisk module? I'm having issues migrating from PlayStore to the Retail versions of the module.
This guide will show you how to uninstall the module, if you no longer wish to use it and or you are migrating from the Play Store version to the Retail version of the application and wish to use the correct module.

1. Open Magisk and select the "Modules" from the menu


2. Select the "Recycle Bin" icon from the Total Recall module, in order for it to be completely removed from the resident Magisk modules. Note: You should see an "X" in the Recyle Bin aswell as a warning the module will be uninstalled on the "next reboot".


3. Proceed to Restart your device (or alternatively Power OFF / ON)


4. Upon having rebooted the device, verify from the Magisk Modules page that the Total Recall module is in fact no longer visible / installed


5. Finally, proceed to re-install the latest module from the next guide (link below), for the correct version you require -> either the Play Store or Retail variants of the module.

Install Magisk Module Guide

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