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Rooted Recording - Magisk module install guide
We have developed a module to enable call recording on both sides, we support from Android Nougat (7.0) up to the latest version of Android Pie (9.0) on rooted devices.

Installation Guide

1. Download the latest TotalRecall-Magisk-(Variant).zip that corresponds to Total Recall version you own.

You have either installed Total Recall from the Play Store (Play Store Version), or you have installed it from our own website (Retail Version).

Ensure you use the correct .zip file, otherwise the module will not function correctly!

Then save the file to your internal device device storage.

Download Links:

For the Play Store version of Total Recall

Download: Total Recall Magisk Module - PLAY STORE VERSION ONLY

For the Retail version of Total Recall

Download: Total Recall Magisk Module - RETAIL VERSION ONLY

2. From the Magisk Manager tool (preferably version v18.0 or above), select the "modules" from the side bar


3. Press the "+" icon to begin adding a new module to Magisk


4. Select the file, located on your storage

Note: On some devices, you may need to "long press" on the zip file to be able to "Open" it into Magisk.


5. The module will begin to install, once completed - be sure to reboot the device in order for the module to be loaded / installed properly


6. Once rebooted, you can now verify the call recording module is installed successfully by navigating back the to the Magisk modules and ensure that you see the module information.


Note: At any time, if you wish to uninstall the module, you can simply click on the "Trash Can" icon and reboot. This will effectively remove the entire module from your device.

7. In Total Recall, select the "Root" recording strategy and you are now set, with luck - further call recordings will have both sides of the audio.


Note: Some devices may not capture both sides of the audio with this module, in which case - if you can please contact us with your device model / manufacturer / operating system version and we will investigate further.

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