How can I root my device?
Android has literally tens of thousands of manufacturer variant devices and rooting is usually specific to each model and manufacturer.

A method to acquire information on rooting your device can be found on a Google search, by inputting the manufacturer, model and current operating system version.

Eg. "Samsung S9 9.0 root"

Unfortunately, there is no simple universal method to root a device and requires careful guidance based on your device model.
What is root and why is `Rooted Recording` required on some devices?
A general overview of what "root" is on Android can be best explained here:

WIKI (Rooting Android)

On some devices, both sides of the call audio cannot be acquired from the android system directly,
this is particularly the case as of Android 9.0 due to new security changes in how audio policies are managed on the device.

Rooted recording, on some devices, can overcome this limitation as it's not restricted by the system - due to having elevated privileges and thus allows direct access to the call audio.
What root method do you support?
We currently support the Magisk root method with our call recording module.

Magisk Root

We currently do not support the SuperSU root method.

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